Slugger, Orlando

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Growing up in Ohio my family always had pets so it was a tremendous loss when our family dog passed away during my senior year of high school. Unfortunately, between studying, working, and completing internships I didn't have the time to care for a dog while I was in college despite wanting one very much. I moved to Orlando, FL in December, only a month after I graduated, and immediately knew that I wanted to finally adopt a dog of my own! My mom advised me to wait at least until Valentine's Day to allow me time to get settled and in a routine. I looked at a variety of shelters and dogs but Slugger's unique coloring and sweet, loving disposition immediately caught my attention. Slugger came home with me January 30...well before Valentine's Day and it is the best decision I've ever made. Slugger has become so much more than a beloved pet he is my exercise buddy, my road trip co-pilot, and so much more. We've even made 3 moves together as I pursued my dream job in MLB!



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