Kashy, Anchorage

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I adopted Kashy when she was about 7 years old from Polar Pug Rescue & Friends. Kashy didn't have the best life before she was turned into rescue. She had been a puppy mill breeding dog, which means she was forced to have litters as often as possible, probably starting before she was even a year old, just so the puppy mill can sell the puppies and make a quick profit. It makes us very sad to think that for the first several years of her life, she probably did not have an owner to love or to love her back, and she might have never known human affection before coming into rescue. Luckily, the puppy mill did drop her off at Polar Pug once they were done having her produce puppies, and we were lucky enough to hear about her and to be able to adopt her. Despite her less than positive experiences with humans for the first part of her life, Kashy is a sweet cuddlebug who loves to just snuggle and be a couch potato. She loves treats and burrowing under blankets, and hates rain and bikes.



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