Karen, Old Bridge

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My boyfriend and I moved in together in November 2013 and we decided we wanted to adopt a puppy. We sent in an application to C.A.R.E after attending one of their adoption weekends at a local Petco. We got the approval and attended their next adoption weekend at the end of January. We had seen most of the puppies on the rescue site, but we fell in love with a little black and white puppy in the arms of one of the volunteers. The other puppies were all playing in a fenced-in area, but Karen was too tiny and scared to join. We took turns holding her, and she calmed down and started to doze off in my boyfriend's arms. We found out that they had rescued Karen and her siblings from a kill shelter in NC. The litter had been found in a box, abandoned in the mud and developed a skin condition that left them with patches of missing fur. Within two weeks of us adopting her, her skin cleared up with the help of meds. She is 9 months old now and we can't imagine our lives without her!



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