Buckles, Conroe

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Buckles was waiting for me at a Petsmart adoption day when I lived in Texas. My friends and I were shopping, and we went to Petsmart to look at the dogs. He immediately stole my heart. They say that your dogs pick you, and I think that is absolutely true. He was the only dog who wasn't barking, and he simply sat in his kennel, looking like the saddest dog I had ever seen. That was all it took. When I first got him, there wasn't much known about his background. He was heart worm positive and scared of everything. The first time I knew he felt comfortable with me was when he came and laid his head on my shoulder while I was sleeping. He's been with me through a lot: moves, job changes, emotionally trying times. Buckles is the sweetest dog who just loves everyone and everything, and I am grateful each day we found each other.



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