Scout, Buchanan Dam

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Scout and her brother were found abandoned when she was just two months old. Her poor little puppy belly was covered in ant bites. He was adopted almost immediately, whereas for Scout weeks went by. She was in a rural shelter and not many people stopped by meet her. I had been combing Petfinder looking for a puppy with little success. Austin loves rescue dogs and puppies are adopted quickly. I came across a photo of Scout and fell in love with her and her little legs (listed as part corgi, though she's more likely basset hound). I immediately sent her page to my boyfriend and the next day we were able to both get off work, we drove an hour and a half (getting lost along the way) out to the shelter to meet her. When they brought her into the room, the first thing she did was pee out of excitement and then puppy bit us. We were in love and took her home that day and have loved every day since then with her! PLEASE HELP us win a donation, Scout’s shelter is in danger of closing!



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