Icee, Miami

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After finding a 2-pound, 5-week old puppy trapped in a storm drain in a nearby park, we fell in love with our first dog Harley. She was the best dog with a dynamic personality. A couple of days before her 1st birthday, she went into a perpetual seizing state. The doctors were confident that she would not awaken. We thought we wouldn’t recover, but knew that we wanted to be able to give a shelter dog the same opportunities that Harley had. Out of 14 husky mix puppies in the litter, only 3 were left by the time we saw them at Friends Forever Rescue. We adopted the calmest one of the bunch and named him Icee for his ice blue eyes, and played on the fact that his birthday is 7/11. He did not end up being so calm, with his husky attitude and vibrant personality. Icee is the most loving, loyal and lively dog and we could not imagine our family without him. He loves apple slices, snuggling and being the fastest in the dog park.



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