Maggie, Hattiesburg

Vote For Maggie
At only 10 weeks old, a little Corgi was found wandering lost and alone. The shelter posted her photo on social media in hopes of finding her owner during the required 5-day hold for lost pets. I went to meet the little puppy during that waiting period and it was love at first sight. Many people shared the picture of the little lost Corgi, but no one came to claim her. I received a phone call that the little Corgi was mine! I wanted to pick the perfect name for her, and after many great suggestions from my friends, I decided to name her Maggie. Maggie loves playing in the woods or lounging in people's laps. Maggie is quite photogenic and loves taking pictures. She entertains guests with her many tricks—high fives, handshakes, rolling over, playing dead—and she always takes a bow when she’s finished. It’s been almost 2 years since Maggie came home with me, and I look forward to spending many more exciting years with my little Corgi.



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