Jed , Red deer

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I know that you want a rescue dog from a shelter. But any where a dog is rescued should be accepted. I found Jed on a work farm , ruff looking and very scared. His pervious owner returned him because he didn't act like he expected. The house I saved him from was old and not taken care of. There were digs outside in chain link fences on a freezing January day and 10 or more chihuahua inside. I could definitely tell he wS not loved for and taken care of. I had to carry him to my car because he was to afraid to leave the corner he was in. The ride home he hid in the back seat and threw up. I felt sorry for hi But I knew I would change his life for the better! Once home and in our warm house he stayed in his kennel ( on his own free will) for about a month and did not like my other dog. It took 3 months for him to let my husband pet him. He was comforted by keeping socks in his mouth strangly enough. After about 5 months he finally because a care free and happy pup



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