Mack and Molly, Blue Creek

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We rescued Mack, our brindle pug in July of 2012. We found him running down a State Highway, severely malnourished with no tags or microchip. We searched for his owners with no such luck, but we were also ecstatic to give him his new forever home! A year went by and we always said we wanted to get Mack a little sister. We wanted a pug but wanted to rescue one. We searched and searched, and finally the day came where little Miss Molly popped up on We live in Indy and drove down to KY to meet her and take her to her forever home. She was part of a backyard breeding operation, where she was kept in a outdoors kennel with 3-5 other litters from the same mom. They were fed very little and when they were found they were hairless! She went through extensive rehabilitation and slowly but surely she regained her strength and regrew her hair. She now is a rambunctious, wild thing who still is weary of strangers but once she warms up, she is a playful cuddle bug!



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