Summer, Boulder

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I first saw Summer featured online in April of this year. Although definitely timid in her photos, she was irresistibly adorable and within minutes of viewing her profile, I knew she was the addition to our family that we were looking for. I first met her at her foster mom's house. She was nervous and reluctant to warm up to me but as the evening wore on, she slowly gave me her trust. Our first night together at the apartment was difficult. Being severely beaten by a male as a very young pup (perhaps within weeks of being born), she was terrified of my boyfriend and would tinkle if he even stood up to move from one room to the other. As the days went on, she realized that not all humans were monsters and I even found them cuddling on the bed a few times together! She has become the little sister to our Chihuahua and loves any type of toy that squeaks. Wherever I go, Summer is two steps behind and has brought pure joy to our lives. I'm convinced she was the one who saved us.



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