Oreo, Kingman

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On the day that I met Oreo I never imaged that I would be meeting my next dog soul mate. I had just put the first dog that I have ever owned to sleep and was on an adventure to find peace in my heart to find another dog. When I saw Oreo I immediately asked the Humane Society if I could see Oreo outside of his cage. From the moment I met him Oreo sat in my lap and instantly gave me love and attention that warmed my heart. I did not know if I was picking Oreo because I was heartbroken or if I was picking him because he was the right choice for me. I actually left Oreo in his crate and went home to contemplate the decision. Two hours later I knew that I had to adopt Oreo. I went back to the Humane Society and started my journey with Oreo. Two years later I feel that Oreo adopted me, as I was meant to adopt him. While I don’t know Oreo’s story prior to meeting me, he has a remarkable story since we met about how a rescue dog can change a person’s life for the positive.



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