Riley the Chiweenie, Rancho Cucamonga

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She was just a tiny little thing at the shelter. They found her on a sidewalk near a park just looking. Looking for whoever it was that left her there. Wondering where they went. That's all the info they had on her. When I adopted her, she would always look to the street to see if she could find the person that left her there. You could see the sadness in her eyes. But every day we went out, she looked less & less. Whoever had her before didn't treat her well. She had a patch of fur missing on her throat from where a collar or rope was used to restrain her. She still has a bad cough from that. To this day, she rations her food, afraid that she won't get fed the next day. She'll eat exactly half of her food leaving a perfectly straight line down her bowl. But these are all just old habits. She is now the most snuggle hungry dog on the planet! It doesn't matter how you're sitting, Riley will find a spot on your lap, claim it as her own, smile up at you, flop her ears, and just love you.



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