Max, San Diego

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Max is a rescue from the 2004 Hurricane season in Miami where he was found by my father and I while cleaning up debris from Hurricane Frances. His wet/matted blond tuft of hair and pointy ears poked up between the fallen palm and tree branches. Poor guy was scared to death but only had a few small cuts. The lil guy became my fathers mission to find his home, and then once no answer from those, to keep and love him as family. For the first two years we could barley touch Max, he was very skittish and mostly of males. My father passed Christmas of 2007 with lil Maxy by his side. Max was family, he became my pup and we bagn our lives together along w/ my doxie's Clark & Vivian. Several years later we move to San Diego and come to find out upon routine check-up ... Max has no diaphragm! All his organs are in his lung cavity except one kidney and colon - wow! We now take him on mellow walks and lots of sofa snuggles so as to keep lungs in good order :) He is really a wonderful lil dog !



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