Dexter, Twin Cities, MN

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My name is Megan, and about 4 years ago I rescued a dog from Midwest Animal Rescue and Services. Dexter is a Carolina Dog, and a handsome one at that! The story is told that Dexter was left by his previous family at a Doggy Day Care in Tennessee, and they never returned to get him. After getting into the rescue system, he ended up at MARS. After looking through many dogs on multiple rescue websites, I saw Dexter (originally Peter) and swooned. His profile said he was calm and loveable. Not only did they hit it right on the head, but they under-estimated this wonderful animal. Over the last 3 years Dexter has time and again proven to be my best friend, loving companion, and soulmate. The bond we share is indescribable, and each one of my family members that knows Dexter can see this special bond. Adoption not only changed my life, but changed my life for the better. I will always adopt, and so should you!



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