Sullivan Fitzgerald, Milwaukee

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Sullivan "Sully" is a redbone coonhound straight from Tennessee. Sully was a stray wandering the streets of Chattanooga when he was picked up and taken to a local kill shelter. After a week at the kill shelter he was up to be put down. His life was saved when he was selected to be shipped up to Milwaukee by the Wisconsin Humane Society. He was 25% under his weight when I stumbled upon him on a trip to look at another dog on my lunch break. Sully and I made eye contact and he drew me in with his big brown eyes. It was love at first. I began shooing other adopters away from his cage while we waited our turn. After introducing him to our black lab we took him home. We found Sully had no idea what a dog toy was. It became clear he had never lived in a house before, but he tried his hardest to please us. Today, Sullivan is a happy, rambunctious hound who enjoys sleeping in the human bed and fetching tennis balls with his black lab sister.



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