Jack, Rochester

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Sweet baby Jack has sure been through a lot in his life. When I found him at the shelter as a stray, it was love at first woof. Poor Jack was very skinny, covered with scabs and patches of missing hair. The vet said that she thinks he was chewing on rocks because he was so hungry (he has quite a few broken and chipped teeth). The second I met Jack I knew we were destined for a life full of snuggles, endless love, and limitless amounts of chewy treats and squeaky toys. I saved Jack from the shelter, but he has also made my life so much better, too. When I cry, he jumps up to lick my tears. When I'm feeling down, he's always there to lend a paw. Despite what he went through, he has remained the most loyal, loving, and pawfect companion. Jack and I just started a new adventure down in New York City where there are tons of yummy smells and new dog friends. He lives in an East Village apartment where the doormen greet him by name and he has rooftop views of the Empire State Building.



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