Barnaby & Norman, Denver

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This is a story of two Basset Hounds. Their mother gave birth to a 4 pups, but with their mother ending up with their human in jail, they needed the care of a rescue and ASAP. A local basset rescue turned them down, as they did not have papers to show they were full bred. So this is how they ended up in the loving arms of HOBO, a boxer rescue. Shanna and Alex stumbled upon the pups on PetFinder and instantly fell in love. Shanna went and bought a book about Bassets to make sure that it was a perfect fit. And at 8 weeks, they took home Barnaby. About a year later, HOBO reached out to Shanna about one of Barnaby's brothers. He had been surrendered to the rescue, due to the old owner having too small of an apartment. Shanna and Alex said yes right away, and on Christmas Eve, they had Norman in their hands. Barnaby and Norman have been reunited for almost 9 months now and are inseparable. And are also the absolute loves of our lives!



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