Martie, Williamstown

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My fiancé wanted a black dog, and I wanted a brown dog...then we found Martie. After being found as a stray at not even 6 months old in Georgia, little Martie was taken in by animal control and then shipped way North to Vermont. When we first saw a picture of Martie online, we knew she was the one. She had eyes that touched your soul, and a little smile that melted your heart and said 'I need a home'. When we met Martie face to face she showed us that she was "a lot of dog", but not too much to handle. Although I hoping to take her home that night, we had to wait 24 hours to pick her up. Since that day two years ago, Martie has become the focal point of our lives. She cheers up anybody that is down, wakes anybody up that is sleepy, and gives kisses to anybody that will let her. Marie has opened our eyes to much and will never know how much she opened our eyes into the world of rescue adoption. So maybe we give her too many treats and snuggles, but we think she's pretty great.



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