Ebeneezer, Charlottesville

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Ebeneezer was adopted in October 2003 at a shelter event at Petsmart. My husband and I were not intending on adopting a dog that day. We were looking for set dressing ideas for an upcoming production of A Christmas Carol at the Michael's Craft store. We passed by the Petsmart on our way back to the car and saw the dogs and stopped to say hello. Ebeneezer, who was called 'mini me' then, came over, sat in my lap and pushed his nose into my armpit. He had been at the shelter for months - he was very shy and no one was interested in him. A good samaritan had rescued him from an abusive owner on a farm. He did not get along with her dogs, so she took him to the shelter. We decided to adopt him - and named him Ebeneezer Scrooge - hopeful that he, like the character, would get a second chance at a good life. He is about 16 years old now.



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