Aedan, Richmond

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My fiance and I rescued Aedan as a starved and abused 8 month old puppy who was brought in from a seizure case in animal control. We were actually at the shelter looking for a kitten, because we thought that may be an easier road for us to take with us just moving to our own place. Every dog we passed in the cages were wild and barking as usual, but there was one who caught our eye ( or rather, his eyes caught us!) His big blue eyes were peeking through one of the cage openings and he was quiet as a mouse and shaking and terrified. We asked to see him, and he wouldn't let the person working at the shelter take him out of the cage, they said he won't let any humans touch him after they brought him in. As soon as he saw us, he jumped out into our arms and immediately ran between my fiances legs. We took him home that day, and we wouldn't trade him for the WORLD. He has changed our lives forever, and we have changed his. He now participates in dock diving and hiking every weekend!



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