Louie, Byrdstown

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My Louie was rescued from a breeder. He had spent approximately 3 years living in a crate only being allowed out to perform his stud duties. When he was rescued he was found to have a broken leg. There is no way to know how long he had suffered in pain or how he broke it. Luckily everything changed for him when he was rescued by Paws of Dale Hollow. He received the surgery he needed on his leg and was placed with a loving foster home. His foster mom worked magic with him. This is a dog who had never spent any time being loved by humans. He didn't even understand what petting was so she wrapped him up in a towel and gently petted his little head. As time went on he became comfortable with her gentle touch and slowly allowed her move on from his tiny head and pet him all over. Little did she know she was creating a monster! This boy now insists he be petted and will nudge my hand to let me know when I'm slacking. I adopted Louie almost 3 years ago and he is now a carefree, happy boy.



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