Lily, Longview

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Lily was found as a stray in South Longview. I saw her picture and video on Facebook the day before she was scheduled to be euthanized. Even though I had never owned a dog, I felt like I had to save her. People don't spay and neuter like they should around here, so the shelter has a huge intake of animals and they don't have room for all of them. My husband and I signed up to foster Lily, but ended up falling in love with her and adopting her. The shelter said she was a year old when we got her, but the vet estimated that she was only six months old. She had a respiratory infection and worms, but some medicine took care of that. In the two months we've had her she's gained twenty pounds and grown three inches taller and seven inches longer. She loves everyone and is great with little kids and my cat. When people ask where we got her, I turn into a commercial and tell them to go to the humane society, because there are plenty of sweet dogs just like Lily who still need homes.



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