Liza, Rochester

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I originally saw Liza's (then Lanie's) picture on the Rochester Animal Services website and thought she looked like a little cow. I was immediately drawn to her and went to meet her that day. Liza was underweight, had a skin infection and sores on her rear end but none of that mattered to me. Since she had been picked up stray, she was not eligible for adoption for another 4 days but I knew instantly that she was the perfect pup for me. I visited her daily, walked her with the shelter volunteers and even brought my mother to meet her. After the adoption was final, she still needed to be spayed and I was unfortunately scheduled to be out of town the day she needed to be picked up from the shelter. Luckily I found a trusted friend to pick her up and keep her for the weekend. Since the day I brought her home, we have been inseparable. We worked hard to overcome severe separation anxiety and a few other idiosyncrasies but I couldn't imagine my life without her!



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