Black Pups, Fairbanks

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My dog Black Pups has a very interesting name and story. On the Aleutian Chain islands off of Alaska there is a island called Atka. That is where Black Pups and her brothers and sister where abandoned in a dumpster. A construction worker was dropping his trash off at the dump when he heard wining coming from a dumpster and in he looks and there is a full box of little puppies. Being in his work vehicle he knew he couldn't rescue them all so he grabbed one out of the box and released the rest to have a fighting chance. He grabbed Black Pups. When he brought her back to the work sight his boss said he had to get rid of her so he released her back with her siblings. The puppies grew to be feral, and scared of humans because dogs on the island are looked at as a nascence so they got abused consistently. The construction worker tried to rescue all of the puppies but they had gotten to a point where he couldn't find them anymore. One day a hurricane hit the island... VOTE FOR US FOR THE REST!



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