Nala, Trotwood

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Nala was tied up to a fence at an abandoned house in a very bad neighborhood. She was extremely pregnant and the weather was -14 degrees when she was found outside, with no food or water. When they picked her up we immediately drove there to see her and adopted on the spot. After taking nala to the vet we were told her red blood cell count was too high, she had 3 different types of worms, her ears were so infected that she only had 40% of her hearing. She also had an infection in her uterus that caused her to bleed constantly. The vet estimated her to be 1 and 1/2 -2 years old and was certain she was used for breeding, the many litters of puppies at such a young age had definitely taken a toll on her body. With the help from our amazing vet all of Nala's health problems were addressed. She is the biggest baby and the most loving dog I've ever come in contact with. She especially loves children



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