Sookie, North Charleston

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My husband and I already had two rescue cats and Sookie came into our lives in February of 2012. I wanted a rescue puppy for my birthday and Sookie, or Sapphire as the shelter named her, was at a local shelter along with only two other animals (both were sick). She had been born around October of 2011 and left in someone's backyard on Christmas Eve of 2011 with a red bow around her neck. She was then brought into the shelter and had spent the next two months in a cage for most of the day. She was energetic, loving, and what really made me fall for her was her one blue eye and one brown eye. She still gets so many compliments about her different eye colors. We did a DNA test and determined that she is mostly a German Shepherd and Husky mix, which makes sense because she is very vocal and says "Hello" to me and my husband every day when we get home from work. The photo shows her Halloween outfit from 2013 (I guess I also love her because she puts up with me dressing her up!)



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