Lucy Lu, Rockville Centre

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I lost my most precious Maggie in April of this year. She was 11 years old and we found out that she had cancer and had to be put down that day because of the severity and location. She was from a shelter and we were madly in love with her. Our hearts were broken, we gave her the best last day, did everything she loved. The next day, my husband was in tears talking to a friend who volunteered walking dogs at Ruff House Rescue. She showed us a picture of a pup there who wasn't getting adopted, She was 3 years old, was heart worm positive and had 2 different eyes. One eye was brown and the other like a pinwheel, reddish brown, white and blue pinwheel striped. Maybe that eye scared people or because she was sick. Her name was Duchess. We couldn't do anything that night we met her because the Director wasn't there. I didn't sleep all night knowing this sweet girl was in a cage, scared, timid, sick and lonely. We adopted here asap and named her Lucy ( with a kaleidoscope eye).LOVE



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